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This model for a wall mount.

The Essex captures the folklore of the English countryside with its simple, four-sided design and graceful, curving roof line. Inspired by the green by-ways and quaint villages of the Thames Estuary, the Essex Lamp benefits from that country’s unique blend of rural tradition and urban elegance. The gently sloping roof of the Essex Lamp compliments a wide range of architectural styles.

Sand cast aluminum
Solid brass CSA approved shut-off valve
Tempered glass included; beveled glass available
Universal finial included; decorative finals available
Available in all finishes

The frame is made of cast aluminum for years of use. Solid brass AGA approved control valve that offers infinite adjustments to minimize the amount of gas consumed versus light output. Available with standard dual mantle inverted burner, triple inverted, single upright or open flame choices. Also available for natural gas or LP. Tempered safety glass and two SM2 soft mantles.
If no options are chosen, your light will be shipped in black, as natural gas and with a dual inverted mantle.