River Rocks

These Peterson Real Fyre Decorative River Rock Stones can be used with any vented log set or fire pit to enhance its appearance. These smooth stone shapes come in an assortment of ivory, terracotta and ivory colors, and provide an earthy, yet contemporary look in any fireplace or fire pit. The stones are specially formulated to not crack or pop when used with fire. Includes 10 assorted terracotta colored stones. One box of stones will cover approximately 200 square inches of space (a 16 inch diameter circle). Compatible with G45 GL Burner, Pan Burner (PB Series), and with G45 GL See Through Glass Burner.

Provides an earthy and contemporary look to any fireplace or fire pit.

  • Specially formulated to not crack or pop when used with fire
  • Ideal for use with vented gas burners only
  • Includes 10 ivory, slate and terracotta colored stones
  • Covers about 200 square inches (a 16 inch diameter circle)


River Fyre Stones Color Options & Prices:

Model Color Price
RF_STN-10 Assorted River Rock Fyre Stones $107.99
RF_STN-10I Ivory River Rock Fyre Stones $107.99
RF_STN-10S Slate River Rock Fyre Stones $107.99
RF_STN-10T Terracotta River Rock Fyre Stones $107.99


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